Abstracts, Landscapes & Floral Art

​by Carol Sabo

NEW! ​Sunset Through the Joshua Trees - 2018 - 18"H x 24"W x .5"D

A little too sunny when I took this photo. Hope to get a better one in a few days.

Since I sold all of my Joshua tree paintings I decided to paint another one.

This almost looks like a photograph. The colors are vibrant.

Signed front & back, see closeup below.

PRICE:  $529.00

 "Desert River" 12"W x 12"H x .5"D

Gallery wrapped canvas, painted black on the sides.

Signed front & back. Created & Copyrighted 2017

Price:  $159.00 

NEW! My Private Oasis -  2019

Acrylic on a 12" sq. canvas, painted on the sides,

signed front & back.  PRICE:  $ 125.00

NEW! Winter on the Colorado River - 2021

Acrylic on a 22"H x 28"W x .5"D gallery wrapped canvas, signed lower left and on the back. 

Image goes around the sides, wire on the back and ready to hang.

Yes Arizona gets snow! In northern Arizona around Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon they can get many inches  of snow. This painting is showing one of those days.

Price:  $850.

NEW!  Standing Alone  -  2019  -  30"H x 24"W x .5"D  - Signed

My interpretation of this painting, is, don't feel your alone and stand your ground. Always do what is right and right for you. Sooner or later you will see others have taken the same stand.

PRICE:  $799

I'll get a better photo of this painting soon. Sorry it's blurry.

NEW PAINTING! Southwest Living - 20"H x 24"W x .5"D

2017 - Acrylic on Canvas - Signed

These adobe homes sit high above a local park with a wonderful view. 

Created & copyrighted in 2017 and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and Artist Bio.

​Price:  $ 529.00

NEW! Standing Tall

9"W x 18"H x .5"D

2021 - Signed

Acrylic on canvas,

painted on the sides, 

a  vertical southwest image.

Price: $179.00

NEW!  Summer Retreat  -  20"H x 16"W x .5"D  -  2018

Signed front & back, white on the sides, wire on the back.

Somewhere in the south pacific is a summer home that has our cherished memories of summers gone by. Lots of detail in this painting even our flag.

​Price:  $399.00

NEW!  Moon Over Desert River  -  2020  -  24"H x 60"W x .5"D

A Diptych - On two canvases  -  Signed on both, front & back

White on the sides. Each canvas is 24"H x 30"W. 

Our monsoons bring very heavy rains here in Arizona and they cause flooding and it can be dangerous. On the other hand the rain renews our deserts and they become alive!

This painting is what I see after a monsoon. Bright vivid colors of the beauty of the desert.

What a statement you can make on your feature wall when you love the desert!

PRICE $3400.00


Southwest Saguaro Sunset

9"W x 12"H on Canvas board

Acrylic - 2017

Ready for your frame.

Price:   $129.00

The Wave, AZ  - 2017  -  30"W x 40"H x .5"D

Acrylic on canvas, painted on the sides.

Signed lower left on the front and on the back. 

Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and Artist Bio.

​PRICE: $2950.00

 "Arizona Sunset"  - 20" X 16" X .5" - SIGNED - 2017

An original acrylic on a 20" x 16" x .5" gallery wrapped canvas, signed front & back, white on the sides, wire on the back, ready to hang or it can be framed. Created & copyrighted 2017. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and Artist Bio.

Price: $ 429.00 + S&H
Arizona has some of the most beautiful sunsets. Every night you will see a new one. This is one from a day where we had many storms but by dust the clouds started to clear. As the sun sets in the west, you can see these beautiful streaks of orange or red in the distant sky. I love living here.

 On Rocky Ground, 24"W x 30"H x .5"D  -  2019

Painted on the sides, signed front & back.  PRICE: $ 879.00