Abstracts, Landscapes & Floral Art

​by Carol Sabo

All my artworks are copyrighted and may not be used without permission.   Copyright 2017. Abstracts. Southwest & Floral Art by Carol Sabo. All rights reserved.

​NEW!  "Sea Turtles"  - - 24" x 20" Acrylic on Canvas  -  2015  - $ 469.00

AWARD WINNER! Special Merit Award in the Animals Art Exhibition with Light, Space & Time Online Art Gallery for June 2016.

NEW! Ribbit - 12" x 12" - 2015

Original is SOLD, $125.

Prints available on my FAA site. 

Closeup of signature on the right.

Signed lower right and on the back.

NEW!  Just Passing Through - 2018 - Signed

Size:  30"H x 24"W x .5"D - White on the sidese - ​Underwater scene. 

Acrylic on Canvas - ​Created & copyrighted 2018.  -  Price: $699.​​

​Goes well with "Sunday Afternoon" just below this painting.

NEW! Idaho's Jewel~Russet Potato - 2015

12 inches square, painted black on the sides. Hang from any side.

I treated these potatoes like jewels in that they are in a black velvet lined sack. The border on the sack is done in heavy gold metallic paint. 

​Signed front & back. 

Price:  $125.00​​

​NEW PAINTING!  Sunday Afternoon  -  22"H x 28":W x .5"D

Acrylic on a gallery wrapped canvas  -  Signed front & Back - 2017

The vegetation was done with a palette knife. 

Three fishes out for a swim on a Sunday afternoon. Enjoying the colors of the sea.

White on the sides. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and Artist Bio.

PRICE:  $599.00 Plus S&H​​

Moon In Africa - Elephants - Size: 20"H x 24"W x .75"D  -  $499.00

NEW PAINTING!  Wine Regions of Italy  -  2018

20"H x 16"W x .5"D  -  Signed  - Painted on the sides

The color of the brick on the back wall is mauve. I love a good rose' wine. 

Price: $389.00

Moon In Africa - Lions - Size: 20" x 20" x .75"D

Price: $400


​AWARD WINNER! with Light Space and Time 8th Annual Open Online Art Contest


Three paintings in acrylic on canvas, signed, painted on the sides, wire on the back. Created & copyrighted in 2018. Can be sold as a set or sold individually. 


Moon In Africa - Giraffes - Size: 20" x 20" x .75"D

Price: $400

NEW! "KOI FISH POND  -  2016

Acrylic on Canvas

36"H x 24"W x .5"D

Three koi fish in a pond with 

waterlilies and lilypads.

Nice detail here. 

Signed lower left & on the back.

Vertical, wire on the back.

Painted on the sides.

Can be framed but not necessary.

​Price: $1400 + S&H

NEW PAINTING!  Indian Corn  -  2018  -  Signed

Size: 24"H x 18"W x .75"D  -  White On the Sides  - Wire on the Back

Price: $449.00

NEW!  Beware of the Snakes  -  30"H x 40"W x .5"D

Signed front & back  -  Created & Copyrighted 2017

In our political climate that past few years we are finding out about much corruption within our government. It seems we don't know who is honest and who can we trust. That includes the media, our friends and co-workers. This is what stimulated me to paint this as a warning to "be aware of your surroundings, of people, of the media and little things that could be falsehoods. 

Painted on the sides, wire on the back and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and Artist Bio.

​Price: $1100.00

" Shop, Shop, Shop"  -  2012
Size: 12" Sq. x 5/8"D - Acrylic on Canvas. Painted on the sides.

A fun painting for that "shop-aholic"!

Price:  $65
Title:  Halloween Friends - Image only.
Title:  Halloween Friends

Watercolor/Gouache done on 140# w/c paper. Framed with acid free backing in a honey maple wood frame.

Image Size: 9.5"H x 11.5"W - Overall Size: 12"H x 14"W
Price:  $175 Includes Frame 
Title:  Penny, A Quater Horse
Watercolor/Gouache  -  Prints on FAA
Prices may vary depending on your application.
Title:  Cookin' With Oats  -  ©1994
Watercolor/Gouache Still Life-Signed  -  Image Size: 5.75" Sq. Bottom mat light brown/Blk core, Top mat a soft peach. Overall size:  9.75" Sq.
Double Matted/Clear bag.  Price:  $69
Title:  Just Ducky  -  Watercolor  -  1997
Size: 6"H x 8"W Self Matting with a deep red line going around the image and a 1" white area around that. In Cello bag.
No Prints Available.   Price: $65 
Title:  Read My Lips   -   Watercolor/Gouache
Used for Greeting Cards. Size: 5"H x 7"W
In clear Cellophane, sealed bag.  Price:  $55
Title:  Roxibelle - Acrylic - SOLD
Size:  12" SQ. - Prints available on FAA.
Title:  Be Like A Tiger  - Watercolor - Signed
Size:  10.75"H x 6" W   _  2001

There is a 1/4" white border around the image. 140# W/C paper in clear, sealed cellophane bag.

Price:  $80  - No Prints available.
Title:  Hair   -  Watercolor/Gouache
Signed/Prints available  Size: 10.5"H x 14"W
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The paintings here are a combination of watercolor/gouaches, acrylics and mixed media. 

The medium will be noted in the description. 

Animals​ & Misc.

Title:  Pecking Order II  - Signed & Framed  -  2009
Image Size: 11"H x 14"W   -  Frame Size: 14"H x 17"W  -  Acrylic on canvas board.
The frame is a very nice 1 2/3" fruit wood.  Prints available on FAA.

Your Choice:   Framed Price:  $350.00   -   Unframed Price:  $175.00