NEW! Calming Midnight Full Moon - 2022 - Signed

An original acrylic painting on a 12"W x 16"H x .5"D canvas, signed front & back, white on the sides, wire on the back ready to hang.  Price: $279.00

NEW! Waiting for the Sunrise - 12 x 16 x .5 - Signed - 2022

​Image extends to the sides. Price: $250.00

​All my originals come with wire on the back and Certificate of Authenticity and Artist Bio.

​NEW! Glory Field II - 2021

24"H x 18"W - ​Signed

White on the sides

Matches Glory Fields above.

Acrylic on canvas

Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity

​and Artist Bio.

​Price:  $650.00

Country Landscapes

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NEW!  Dreamy Landscape - 2021 -Signed -20"H x 16"W x .5"D
White on the sides
Wire on the back ready to hang.
Done with palette knife and brush.
​Acrylic on canvas.

This painting goes well with the painting above, Happy Days.
Price:  $389.

NEW! Morning Fog - 12" x 16" - 2023 - Signed - white on the sides, wire on the back. $250.00

NEW! A Heavenly View - 2021 - 20"H x 16"W x .5"D

How would you like to look out your window and have this view?

Escape from reality with this original acrylic painting, signed lower right and on the back.

White on the sides and wire on the back, ready to hang or framed.

Price: $450.00

NEW! Lake Cabin - 14" Sq. - 2023 - Signed

white on the sides, wire on the back. $295.00

NEW! 2023 

Path With A View

24"W X  30"H x .5"D

Painted on the sides.

​Signed fron & back.

NEW! ​Early Dawn - 14" Sq. - Signed - 2023

White on the sides, wire on the back. $295.00

NEW!  Happy Days - 2021 - Signed - 14" Sq.

Acrylic on Canvas. Most of this painting was done with a credit card, just for fun! I also use a palette knife and some brush work.

​Price:  $250.

NEW! Homestead With A View - 2022 - Signed

12"W x 16"H x .5"D White on the sides. Price:  $250

​Honorable Mention Award

Landscape - 2023


Glory Field - 14" SQ.

Acrylic on Canvas

Signed - 2021

279.00+ S&H​​

NEW! Mountain Protection - 2022 - Signed - 18"H x 14"W x .5"D

Sometimes we have to strong to protect those we love. There is texture in the grass at the bottom of this image. The image is extended to the sides of this canvas. Signed both on the front and the back. Price: $349.00 + S&H

Signature Closeup

Abstracts, Florals, Land & Seascapes, Country, Southwest landscapes and SciFi,

Calligraphy all by Carol Sabo, artist.

Acrylic on canvas and watercolor on watercolor paper.

NEW! Country Hillside - 2021 - Signed - 14" Sq.

Acrylic on canvas, painted on the sides, wire on the back, ready to hang or it can be framed. 

Price: $250.00

NEW! Covered by Moonlight - 18 x 14 

Signed - 2023

Image extended to the sides.

Wire on the back

Comes with a Certificate and Artist Bio.

​Price: $350.00