Abstracts, Landscapes & Floral Art

​by Carol Sabo

All my artworks are copyrighted and may not be used without permission.   Copyright 2015. Abstracts. Southwest & Floral Art by Carol Sabo. All rights reserved.

Title:  White Rose   -   SOLD
Title:  Red Rose   -   SOLD
Title:  Peach Rose
Title: Pretty In Pink Rose Bud - Signed

24"H x 18"W x .5"D

Price:  $750

Title: Rose Bouquet -Framed

Signed - 18"H x 14"W x .5"D is the image

​Price includes the frame:  $429

Title: White Roses - Signed & Framed

Image is 24"H x 36"W x .5"D - Antique gold frame with linen liner & gold filet.

​Price including frame:  $2995


Title:  White Wild Roses  - Signed - 2010
Size:  8" Sq. x 1"D
Price:  $55 ​   Sale Pending
Title:  Yellow Rose
Title:  Pink Rose
Title:  Lavender Rose  -  SOLD


Below is my rose series. I did them to encourage wall groupings. Some are sold but prints are available for all of them on my Fine Art America site. All the same size of 16"H x 20"W x .58"D, all the same pose but in different colors. Backgrounds are in different colors as well. They are all priced the same, $350 each. Prints are less.

Title: White Roses II - Signed & Framed

Image is 28"H x 22"W x .5"D - Antique gold frame with linen liner & gold filet.

Price including frame:  $1895