Daisey Dreams  -  20"W x 16"H x .5"D  - 2019

Painted on the sides, signed front & back, wire, ready to hang.

Some texture with the center of the flower and the gold dots around the petals.

​Price:  $250.

NEW! Title: One is Nearer God's Heart In The Garden than Anywhere On Earth - 2021

Acrylic on a 25"H x 4"W x .5"D gallery wrapped canvas, painted on the sides, Signed front & back, 

Wire on the back and ready to hang or it can be framed.  Price:  $1400.

I very rarely use reference photos but a friend of mine took some wonderful photos of tulips and when I saw it I just knew I wanted to paint them in my style. See the photo below my painting.

NEW! Poppy Patch - 2021 - 20"H x 16"W x .5"D - Signed

Painted on the sides, wire on the back, ready to hang.

Price:  $350.00

NEW! Friends - 2021- Signed

Painted on the sides, stamens are done with thick metallic gold paint.

Price:  $175.

Reference Photo

Signature Closeup

​NEW! Fractal Floral Summer - 2021 - Acrylic on Canvas

Semi-Abstract, painted on the sides, wire on the back, signed both front and back.

SIZE:  32"H x 18"W x .5"D - Centers of the flowers are done with heavy dots of paint to create texture.

Price :  $1400.00 plus S&H​​

TRINITY - 2019 - on two canvases

0verall size: 20"H x 32"W x .5"D - painted on the sides.

Hang them like shown or put some space between them.

PRICE:  $800.00

Detail Close-Up

NEW!  Flower Power II  -  2019 -  Acrylic on Canvas

30"H x 40"W x .5"D - Painted on the sides. Signed front & back.

Matches Flower Power above. Price: $1250.00

Flower Power  -  2019

Acrylic on canvas -  20"H x 24"W x ."D - Painted on the sides.

Signed on the front and back. Some texture. Matches Flower Power II.

Price:  $ 699.00

NEW! ​Teal Cup - Still Life - 2022 - Signed

12"H x 16"W x .5"D Image extends to the sides. Ready to hang. Wire on the back. Price"  $250

NEW! Sunflower Bouquet - 2021 - 18"W x 32"H - Signed

Painted on the sides, wire on the back. Nice detail. Price:  $1200.00

NEW!  Put Color in Your Life - 2021 - 18" x 24" x .5"D

This painting was done in acrylic on canvas, the veins are done in metallic gold and the stamens have molding paste to make them rise above the canvas. Giving them a more 3-D look. We all need more joy and color in our lives. Hope you love this. It is SIGNED front and back and it can be hung from any side.

Photos below show a vertical and a horizontal.

​PRICE:  $650.

Vickie Hodges Photography

To see more of her wonderful photographs 

​go to Fine Art America


Abstracts, Florals, Land & Seascapes, Country, Southwest landscapes and SciFi,

Calligraphy all by Carol Sabo, artist.

Acrylic on canvas and watercolor on watercolor paper.