About the Artist

Abstracts, Landscapes & Floral Art

​by Carol Sabo

Carol has been a professional artist for over 50 years, mastering calligraphy, watercolors and now acrylics. 

Carol studied at the Cooper School of Art in Cleveland, Ohio, and took many private classes but she considers herself a self taught artist. Like most artists she always strives for perfection. She was influenced by Georgia O'Keeffe but soon developed her own style. Using lots of detail, bright, bold colors and sometimes a touch of humor, has won her many awards. She continues to win awards today. 

Carol is a realist so she paints what she sees or gives the images in her mind a realist application. She loves nature and enjoys painting flowers and landscapes. She applies a lot of layering and developed her 3-D edges for the petals of her flowers. She uses a thick layer of paint at the petals edge which makes them stand out. She taught herself how to use the palette knife and loves doing mountains with them.

Her seascapes and sunsets/sunrises are stunning.

Once in a while she paints an abstract that pushes the viewer to think.

Her main goal with her art is to make people smile. "Life needs more joy and painting gives me joy. A happy painting is my way of giving back to those who view or buy them".

Book Carol for an event. She loves to paint on site for the public.

​Prints of most of her art can be found on her Fine Art America Site. The link can be found on her Home page. 

For GiClee's of her work go to her publisher's site:

LouisLeonard.com and click on Artist.