Abstracts, Landscapes & Floral Art

​by Carol Sabo

Near the River - 8" x 10"

NEW! Down On The Farm  -  2019  -  24"H x 30"W x .5"D  - Signed

Acrylic on a gallery wrapped canvas painted on the sides

​Price:  $750.00


Homested - 8" x 10" 

Moon Behind the Naked Trees

NEW!  Save Our Water, Dam It!  -  24"H x 18"W x .5"D

Signed front & back, white on the sides, acrylic on canvas, wire on the back,

ready to hang or it can be framed.  Created & copyrighted 2018

No it is not the Hoover Dam.

Price:  $399.00



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NEW! Hidden In The Wheat Fields -16"H x 20"W x .5"D - 2019

White on the sides, texture in the wheat in the foreground

Signed front & back. PRICE: $ 429.00 

Near the River - 8" x 10"

NEW!Rock Mountain View  -  2019  - 24"H x 30"W x .5"D

Acrylic on canvas, signed front & back, white on the sides.

PRICE: $889.00​​

Village Pond - 8" x 10"

Couples Moon

Village Pond - 8" x 10"

NEW PAINTING! Where Mountains Grow Rivers Flow  -  2018

Signed  -  White on the sides - wire on the back - 18"H x 24"W x .75"D

​Price: $ 489.00

Homested - 8" x 10" 


NEW! Barn Amongst the Pines - 22"H x 28"W x .75"D - 2018

​Acrylic on canvas, signed front & back, wire on the back, white on the sides. 

​Price:  $599.00 plus S&H

Original Watercolor Country Paintings.

"Halloween Friends"is an original watercolor on 140# watercolor paper. It is framed in a very nice 1 1/4 inch wood frame with glass & a dust cover on the back. Wire on the back also. Created & Copyrighted in 1998. Excellent detail here. The colors are bright and is a great Halloween painting. Over all size is 14"W x 12"H x .5"D

RETAIL PRICE: $250.00    

Last One To Leave - Pheasant - Signed

1997  -  In a clear cellophane bag.

Retail Price: $80.00   

Canada Geese - 1997  - Signed 

In a clear cellophane bag. Size: 9"H x 11"W

Self matting. Excellent detail. 

Retail Price: $95.00  

Barn In Landrum NC  -  Signed   -  1998
Signed - 8"H x 10"W
Retail Price:  $85  
Gone Camping  -  Signed  -  1997

In a clear cellophane bag.  Size: 6.75"H x 8.75"W

Retail Price:  $125.00 
Spies Country Store  -  Size: 10"H x 14"W

in a clear cellophane bag.  Signed.  - 1997

 Lots of detail in this painting.

Retail Price: $500.00 
Farmall - Watercolor/gouache - Signed - 1997
Size:  6.75"H x 8.75"W  -  Signed - In clear bag.
Retail Price:  $135
Yellow Barn  - Original W/C - Signed -  2000
In Clear Bag. Used as a note card. 5" x 7"
Retail Price  $59 
Lost Barn  - Original W/C - Signed - 1998
In Clear Bag. Used as a note card. 5" x 7"
Retail Price:  $59 

Heartland Grains - Signed - 140# w/c paper

Medium is watercolor and gouache. Has a 1/2 inch white boarder all the way around.  Size: 10" x 12". Ready to frame. 

In a clear cellophane bag to keep it clean. Created & Copyrighted in 1998

Retail Price: $525.00


Cape Elizabeth Maine  -  Signed - 2000

Medium: Watercolor and Gouache

In clear bag. Image Size: 8"H x 8.5"W.  

​Retail Price:  $80  

Over the twenty-five years I painted in watercolors I did many detailed paintings of old rural country scenes. I saved most of the originals and just sold prints of them or used them for greeting cards. 

Now I'd like to sell the originals since I'm running out of room to store them. They are all on 140# watercolor paper, done in watercolor, gouache and in some cases I used ink. They have been stored in clear cellophane sealed bags to keep them in their original condition. Most are unmatted.  Many of them have been published. 

​All my original paintings sold come with a Certificate of Authenticity and Artist Bio.

Country Landscapes

Quiet Winter  -  2018 - 18" x 24" x .5"

Acrylic on canvas, signed front & back, white on the sides

​Somewhere out west in winter stands this isolated homested.

As spring approaches the snow starts to melt filling the streams and valleys.

​Price: $429.00​​

"Winter Homested" - 2018

Acrylic on Canvas  -  20"W x 24"H x .5"D

Somewhere in the midwest stands this lonely, isolated homested. Covered in snow and by the light of the moon it sleeps.

White on the sides. Signed. Price: $489.00

NEW! Somewhere In Scottland  -  2019  -  20"H x 24"W x .5"D

Signed front & back, white on the sides, wire on the back.

Price: $529.

NEW! Winter Neighbors  -  16"H x 20"W x .5"D
Signed front & back  -  2017 - Acrylic on Canvas
Painted on the sides, wire on the back, ready to hang. 

Somewhere in the midwest a river separates these two neighbors. All is frozen yet it is a picturesque view. Snow clouds are rolling in from the west. 
Price: $ 429.00​

All three of these paintings are on 20" x 20" x.75"D gallery wrapped canvases, painted on the sides, signed and are sold separately. Each were created and copyrighted in 2018. They each come witha Certificate of Authenticity and an Artist Bio.

PRICE EACH:  $400. or BUY All Three for $999.00 and SAVE!

​Titles of each are below the image.




Each are an original, created & copyrighted 2017, signed front & back, ready for your frame.

Each are Priced at $89.00

Buy ALL THREE and SAVE --- $225.00  That's only $75 EACH. 

Shipped via Priority Mail FREE if you live in the continental United States.

​By the Light of the Moon

Sunday Morning Worship - Watercolor/Gouache  Signed 1997

Lots of detail here.  In Clear Bag. Size 8.5" x 11"

 Retail Price for the Original:  $179  Prints: $50

NEW! Don't Let the Clouds Steal Your Sunshine!  -  Folk Art  -  2018

​Acrylic on a 22"H x 28"W x .75"D canvas -  Signed - White on the sides

Great lesson painting. Good for a child's room

PRICE: $ 579.00

Winter Paintings

NEW PAINTING! A Storm Over Kansas - 16"H x 20"W x .5'D - 2019

Acrylic on canvas, signed front & back, wire on the back, white on the sides.

Price: $ 429.00